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AZ US Senate Candidate Ward Joins No on NPV

NPV Vilolates U
LD 22 Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk comments on AZ Candidates Opposed to the National Popular Vote: I’ve spoken to and contacted many AZ Candidates about on the issue of the NPV to ask if they Support it or Not, and here’s the latest to respond to our question. We sent this question; The NPV has become quite a hot subject in the last few weeks, and almost daily is being talked about in the Briefs, and so far no one is in favor or supporting or voting for anyone running who voted 4 it, and here’s the response from:
( U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: I do not support NPV, not before, not now and will never in the future. Thanks for reaching out! )

We’re glad to hear back from Dr. Ward on her position on the NPV, and also realize this may offend some of her former GOP colleagues in the AZ House who passed it, and it had enough GOP Senate support to pass as well, we hope all who read these comments realizes that the NPV should never be supported or voted 4 by anyone who claims to support the U. S. Constitution as it is in direct violation of Article 2, Section 1 Clause 2 and Article V.

Dr. Ward now joins the others against NPV who’ve spoken to us directly Opposing the NPV; CD 8 Candidate Sandra Dowling, AZ Treasurer Jo Ann Sabbagh, AZ Supt. of Public Instruction Dr. Bob Branch, AZ Corp. Comm. Jim O’Connor, LD 21 Senate Candidate Randy Miller, LD 25 Senate Candidate Itasca Small, I’m certain there are others we just haven’t heard back from them and yes some who voted 4 NPV who now say they’d not do so again, funny how when a little light gets shined on a subject many in office change their minds especially in an election year.

We hope this is helpful to all the Voters in AZ, as you Vote is Your Voice and they need to Hear It in 2018.
Link to Show Votes on the National Popular Vote: https://www.vote4van.com/2018/07/does-the-national-popular-vote-threaten-u-s-republic/
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Can AZ Really Be Bought by RINOs?

We all had Better Hope & Pray History Doesn’t Repeat Itself!

Comments by LD 22 Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk:

I read the MCC Briefs this morning as usual and couldn’t help but notice once again a personal attack against me endorsing for my opponent in LD 22 Senate Race, so for any who read it here’s the one part I’m referring to at this point.
For those who don’t know or for that matter don’t care what the Definition of Perennial is, I thought it might be a Good time to post it so all can see it’s actually more of a Compliment than I’m certain they’d care to give me, so here’s the Definition or Perennial: lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.
President Trump “his perennial distrust of the media”
synonyms: abiding, enduring, lasting, everlasting, perpetual, eternal, continuing, unending, unceasing, never-ending, endless, undying, ceaseless, persisting, permanent, constant, continual, unfailing, unchanging, never-changing

The comments of mine along with the definition will hopefully demonstrate that Endorsements must be taken with a Grain of Salt and a rather Large Grain of Salt in this case. It appears to me that the American Post – Gazette prefers someone who Supported & Voted For the National Popular Vote, PROP 123 and Red for Ed over Myself who’d Never Vote 4 the National Popular Vote ,as it violates the Oath of Office taken to Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution Article 4 Section 4, and the two others mentioned also Violates AZ State Statutes, and believe me there are other Votes and Issues with my Opponent Livingston.
I’ve been receiving several rather large mailers from outside groups endorsing my opponent as well and can’t help but wonder why anyone would spend so much money to get a $24,000 a yr. part time job, I believe it’s due to his taking orders from at least one Lobbyist and will again, so know that’s what they’re trying to protect with all the $$$$$$$’s they’re throwing at US.

I’d like AZ to know I’ll never Vote for anyone who supported or Voted 4 the National Popular Vote or anyone who runs with them or Endorses them in an Election Cycle as when you check some of the Endorsers did support the National Popular Vote, and if it had been law we’d have had Lying Hillary and the U.S. would never have Recovered from two Socialists in a Row in the White House.

This is for All AZ Voters, many in the GOP Legislature Voted 4 the NPV and so check their Records before you Vote 4 them, especially in LD’s 20,21 and 22.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk / Candidate 4 AZ’s LD 22 Senate Seat / www.Vote4Van.com

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The National Popular Vote is a Real Issue in AZ’s 2018 Primary!

America’s Republic Lost if NPV Passes!

In Reference to My Comments in the GOP Maricopa Co. Briefs concerning Challenges to candidates and the National Popular Vote Link to Briefs, check out the 6 /20 /18 & 6 /21 / 18 Briefs: http://archives.mcrcbriefs.org/

Here’s one part of his response and see if you can detect the missing part to his response to my comments on the National Popular Vote:
CQ’s Response: Finally, as always, Van must attribute the entire conspiracy to either National Popular Vote or EPCOR. This time it was NPV. I have no idea where Engen is on the issue but Frank Carroll has spoken AGAINST it numerous times. My helping to elect a good conservative who disagrees with me on NPV easily puts to lie Van’s conspiracy theory. I have clients who like it and clients who don’t.

The part that’s missing since CQ is apparently speaking for the LD 22’s
Slate of 3
with no comments on what Toma or Livingston will do, so the issue remains the same especially since Livingston already Voted 4 the National Popular Vote, does that make him what CQ refers to as a Conservative? If Livingston, Mesnard, Boyer or Gray become AZ Senators will they Vote 4 the National Popular Vote again?

The AZ House had 40 Votes for the National Popular Vote therefore could pass again, only this time you’d have at least 2 more Senators Voting for NPV, since Senators Yee and Burgess supported and Boyer and Livingston would take their places then it’s possible we’d get the NPV or as I call it the National Socialist Popular Vote, we can’t have these 4 get into the AZ Senate problem being no ones running against Mesnard or Boyer in the GOP, but Gray has Randy Miller and Livingston has me / Van and everyone knows we’d Never Vote for the NPV as it’s like voting for Clinton, Gore, Obama.

The National Popular Vote will turn the United States of America into a Socialist Nation from which we’d never recover. I and others know this issue is Vital as it’s a National Issue and AZ must be on the Constitutional Side not the Lobbyist, Socialist, Special Interest Groups and Bureaucrats side of it.

AZ Voters maybe voting to Keep the US a Republic or turn it into a Socialist Nation, and most won’t know they’re voting for 4 Candidates who Voted 4 the NPV, as no one talks about the NPV. And that’s especially True of those who Voted 4 it in the AZ House, or Supported NPV in the AZ Senate.

If those who Voted 4 the National Popular Vote are what Arizonians consider Conservatives then I and many others who Support the US Constitution must not be, and I would find that Unbelievable.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk www/Vote4Van.com

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