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Do Socialist Democrats Really Hate Trump or US?

We continue to hear how the Democrats hate President Trump and use that excuse to stop his appointments and vote against legislation and the WALL. The Real Question we need to ask is what or who does the Socialist Democratic Party really Hate that causes them to mislead the Lost Sheep who vote and support them election after election.
The Truth is the Socialist Democrats really Hate FREEDOM and all it has Delivered to the American People since the 1700’s and hope to end it by slowing down President Trump and continuing to Lie to those who Vote for them, with the Lies they spout so easily no matter what the subject matter, while they cover up the Big Lie they’ve been promoting for the last 5 Decades which is total Slavery for All Americans with the exception of the Financial and Politically Elite Class.
The Hope of the Socialist Democratic Party is to remove President Trump or prevent him from fulfilling the Campaign Pledges he made to the American People and thereby attain control of the Government once again so they can continue their march to an America that becomes a complete Socialist State within the next Decade and thereby End all Hope any American might have of ever achieving the True Dream of Americans which is LIBERTY.
We must recognize this isn’t a battle of which side is better politically but which side is really going to Stand for Freedom and only support those will to take that Stand with US. If we’ll Stand together against the Forces of Evil within our own Government and Political Parties we have a chance of Restoring Our Republic.
If we’re willing to admit that most in power want to enslave us and future Generations with Debt and Increase Taxes while limiting the Liberty Americans have had to attain success then we have a chance, however if we continue to believe it’s only politics and not pay attention to what they’re really doing then all will be lost and the Great Dream of Our Founders for Liberty will come to an End and most won’t even realize it’s a done deal.
I believe the First Step to Restoring Our Republic and the Freedom Promised is by accepting the Facts that both Parties have been leading us down the Road to Slavery through Higher Taxes, Debt and Division of us all. These are the tools they both use to Divide US and it’s working, so we must once again rededicate ourselves to the Unity the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights gives all of us and Unite against the Forces of Evil at all levels.
The Truth is the Socialist Democrats Hate US, Citizens who Love Freedom and Oppose Socialism, and since President Trump is Standing up for US he’s their Target, but we’re the Ones they want to Eliminate.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

AZ GOP Republicrats in Charge!

LD 22 PC & Former Candidate 4 DC 8’s Open Seat Clair Van Steenwyk; The Maricopa County Briefs March 9th points to the behavior of so called conservative legislators, and we need to look at what they mean by Conservative as it’s not what some may think, but an entirely different meaning by their Political Standards, as they’re trying to Conserve Politics as Usual in AZ.

My comments written and stated during CD 8 Primary about former Gov. Brewer bringing us Common Core, Obama Care and a Tax Increase meant for Education ending up in the General Fund, but the Press and GOP Elites didn’t mention this Fruad to AZ Voters. We had Former Sen. Lesko brag about being endorsed by former Republicrat Brewer and most have no memory of what Brewer really did or for that matter most of Lesko’s votes as well. I’d also like to remind all of you if the bad news about Lesko would have come out in late Jan. we may have had an entirely different result and also recall 65% of the the Voters didn’t Vote 4 her as well, a good place to start a Campaign against her for August of 18.

The Battle to cut back or eliminate the Proxy system at all Levels Local is a long one, and seems the GOP won’t give up the One Tool used to Control how the AZ GOP is run, and this proves how Corrupt the GOP truly is.

I observed in the CD 8 race one Candidate was attacked for his vote on the NPV, while at the same time LD 13 appointed someone to take Lesko’s vacated seat with someone who’d done the same thing, and will probably elect him back in and most the Voters in LD 13 won’t even hear about it.

I hope if we lose this one the PC’s will revolt this time and find Candidates to run against these Republicans who’s so called Conservative Credentials are really to Conserve Politics as Usual in AZ.

I do believe if the People will just take a solid stand against these Talking Heads we’d be able to defeat them, but need to take a Stand in the Election Cycle and in that lies the problem as most don’t and many won’t as they believe we must be United, well United in what more of the same?
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Van’s Crossroads /


God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk / Constitutional Activist


Van’s Crossroads /

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk / Constitutional Activist

Van’s Crossroads /

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk / Constitutional Activist

GOP Replaces Repeal & Replace with Repair & Repackage Obamacare!

I’m hoping by now many have come to see that the GOP really doesn’t want to End the Socialist Healthcare programs set in place by our Socialist Elected Senators & Representatives which gives all of them and their Money Supporters control over All Americans.

The real problem is that the Federal Government only does the Bidding of the FAT CATS and not for the American Citizen and for the 1st time this is truly being exposed by the Lack Luster attempt to Repeal Obamacare by the GOP who has Sold its’ Soul to the Highest Bidders not unlike the Democrats, they’re actually one in the same Party, and remember you didn’t see any National Ads to Repeal Obamacare by Big GOP PACS.

Healthcare Reform failed and now the GOP will start working with Socialist Democrats & Republicans to fix the system making what they call Compromises to protect the American Public, when the Truth of the matter is their only concerned with the 2018 election cycle and also want control of more the the Economy and Lives of all of US, so don’t be surprised when you see the GOP come up with a New Proposal to Repair the Healthcare system giving Care to All who are in need and use this as the Excuse to Stick it to All of US One More Time moving us Farther into a Socialist Nation without a SHOT being FIRED.

The  GOP won’t Support a Deportation System to Deport all Illegals no matter the reason as they don’t want to lose their jobs nor do most even believe we should have Secure Borders as proven by the Gang of Eight and all in GOP who actually support them as well, and oh yes we’ll continue to import cheap labor which will prevent Americans from getting starter jobs, but then what do you expect from the GOP?

I realize some of my statements may offend some, however they are True and all anyone has to do is look at the FACTS and then find proof that disagrees with FACTS and so far I haven’t found any and don’t believe those reading this will as well, I hope all will pass it on and actually start working to Restore Our Republic by Removing All the Incumbents from office at any level.

Radio Show on Subject Listen Live or Later on Wed / 8/09/17 @ 3pm/:http://tobtr.com/s/10186019

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Why Did Skinny Healthcare Repeal Really Fail?

There are several reasons repealing Obama Care failed and none of them will inspire most Americans to have any Respect for those in Office, Big Business, Lobbyists, and in General Groups who generally support so called Conservative Issues.

I’ve known over the years and am certain most Voters will come to realize that most times there are reasons for all the Ads in favor or opposed to certain issues spending Millions on trying to influence the Public to contact their Representatives in DC to Vote for or against Legislation from 2nd Amendment to Solar etc., however on this Skinny Repeal Bill, I didn’t see any so called Conservative Groups running a National Ad Campaign to Repeal Obamacare but did see some local Ads asking us to contact McCain or McFlake to Vote Against Repeal of the Bill.

I believe the reasons Big Business and the So Called Conservative Groups ran No Ads is they didn’t want Obama Care Repealed but left it in tact and thereby continue to Subsidize Ins. Cos. as well as increase the Price of their Stocks much of which is held by some of the most Influential People in America, and they don’t want the Golden Calf slain, this also includes those at the Head of these Ins. Cos. as they get stock options worth millions and if you think about it Wall St. is making a Fortune off the Rise in Values of most of the Ins. Cos. that are making high profits along with Stocks rising.  E. Emanuel on Fox News says we now need an Auto Enroll in Obama Care and some in GOP agree with him, I believe if the GOP amends Obamacare then we’ll be a Socialist Nation as both Parties will be out of the Dark and in Total Control of Healthcare along with Medicare, Social Security,Medicaid, Welfare etc. and the American Dream of FREEDOM is DEAD.

I also believe there was a reason Clinton got so much support from Wall St. and it’s really quite simple they want a Single Payer system thereby this would bring an end to Group Ins. Plans for workers which is a Cost to the Businesses and the monies they’d save would just increase their Profits & of course the Price of their Stocks, this is the foundation for why most in the Elite GOP didn’t want to Vote to Repeal and the 3 GOP US Senators Voted against the Repeal of the Bill. 

I hope more Americans will come to Realize that the only people in America being served by Congress are the Rich & Powerful and yes every once in awhile they throw us a bone only to keep us from Voting all the Incumvents Out of Office, I’m hoping this will enable some to Vote them Out in the 2018 Election Cycle before we all End Up with Socialized Medicine and Death Panels.

The Issue for All is quite simple either We the People Stand Up and Take Back Our Country from the Fat Cat Corporations, Lobbyists, Public Officials and thereby Regain Our Liberty or we all continue believing the lies leading us down the Road to Total Socialism spread by those in Office at All Levels.

Time to Make a Decision for the Future of All Americans Now!

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

GOP Wins Vote on “Skinny Repeal”, But Loses WH Jobs!

 I believe the time has come to face up to the Facts about the GOP in DC aren’t the same GOP when campaigning, and have finally shown the entire Nation their True Color which is Purple, they fit the Mold of Swamp Managers.  AZ’s Sen.McCain has always been for Big Government and his joining the other two  RINO Senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who were the chosen Three to stop the Repeal of Obamacare which gave Political Cover to all the other GOP Senators who couldn’t afford to Vote against it with the Primary Election Season less than 1 year away so Two who are in Safe States an McCain who’ll never run again became the Scape Goats for the other GOP Senators.

I hope this Truly Political Theater doesn’t escape all those who’ve supported many of these Senators in the past like Sen. Flake, Hatch, McConnell and so many more just because they say they’re Republicans, and that in the states having Primaries  to Re Elect GOP Candidates many of whom are RINO’s themselves will find Qualified, Dedicated, Honest Supporters of the US Constitution and Uphold the Oath they’ll take to run against all of these Incumvents in the 2018 Primary Season, or you may as well Kiss a Final Good Bye to the Small amount of the Republic we have left that our Founders gave all of us, DC was a Swamp and has now Sunk to a New Low of becoming nothing more than a Septic Tank in dire need of a DRAINING.

We must all Read the US Constitution and realize that Education, Healthcare, Housing, Commerce, Interior and all the other Depts. except for Defense, Treasury, State and Attorney General are States Rights and the Federal Government must remain out to those areas and the States must exercise those Rights and Stop taking Federal Welfare Funds which is Enslaving All of US.

We can be thankful of a couple of things both Spicer & Priebus are now out of the White House & hopefully those who replace them will be Loyal to the President & the Citizens of these United States and not the GOP Elite RINO’s in DC and elsewhere.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Illegal Entry a Criminal Act, Deport the Criminals Pres. Trump

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America’s Creed, Is It Theirs? 

I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people; whose powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in the republic, a sovereign Nation of many States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my Duty to my Country to Love it, to Support its’ Constitution, to Obey its’ Laws, to respect its’ Flag and to Defend it against All enemies. –Written 1917. Accepted by the United States House of Representatives on April 3,1918.

President Elect Trump: You stated you’d Deport all Criminal Illegal Aliens, take a look at the Definition of Criminal and then keep your Word.

Criminal: A Person who’s Committed a Crime.

Illegal Entry is a Crime.

Synonyms: Lawbreaker, Offender, Delinquent, Malefactor, Wrongdoer, Burglar.

Illeɡal: Contrary to or Forbidden by Law. Synonyms: Unlawful, Illicit, (Illegitimate, Unlicensed, Unauthorized), Unsanctioned, Forbidden, Prohibited.

Take a look at this Video at AZ Capitol we’re supporting SB 1070 and obviously they don’t.

To President Elect Trump and Staff and the GOP Elite Swamp Managers please note the above definitions before you make an inside deal with each other once again Violating Our Laws and Trust.

President Elect Trump don’t make a Political Deal to Pardon Illegals, Clinton and others, this would make you Part of the Swamp not someone who can be trusted to Drain & Clean It.  We ask you to Keep the Campaign Promises that Launched the Movement and got you Elected, please go back and watch the Videos on Social Media and remember once again the Definition of CRIMINAL as it fits All Illegals within Our Borders and Must be Enforced or You’re No Different than those you Ran Against.

President Elect Trump please view: Video One / Two /, many voted for you believing you’d remove the Illegals from America if you chose some sort of plan for the sake of Unity in the GOP like the Gang of Eight then I for one will lost the Trust placed in you on the Issues, as unlike some for me it’s always been about the Issues not the personality, many of us feel the same and Trust you’ll Honor Your Word.

My Father Taught me as a young boy Your Word is Your Bond, we hope this lesson is True for President Elect Trump as Well.

Remember Justice is Blind not Politically Motivated, you’ll be taking an Oath on Jan 20th to Protect & Defend the US Constitution the BIGGEST DEAL OF YOUR LIFE, KEEP IT.


Election Cycles are Critical to the Nation as to whether we sink deeper into a Socialist Nation or Restore It to a True Republic form of Government. We are a Constitutional Representative Republic based on Judeo-Christian principles, yet are being dictated to by a federal government that seemingly ignores the Constitution at every turn. Clair measures our Constitution against the laws Congress continues passing having no Constitutional authority behind them, as they flagrantly violate their Oaths!

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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AZ SOS & Maricopa Co. Recorder Rigging AZ Elections?

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This Cartoon is True Only When We Can Trust the Process Isn’t Rigged!

*This Comment came in a Campaign Email from Helen Purcell (Maricopa County Recorder). The following Statement is One of Five Listed under the Heading of ACCOMPLISHED, ( Helping to bring about Early Voting in Arizona which has become the most important tool in winning elections). Paid for by Purcell in 2016

*It’s nice to know that the Early Voting system wasn’t set up for the Voters but for the Parties to have a Tool to Win Elections. We’ve completed the research on the Elections systems and the SOS Manual used by All AZ County Recorders which instructs them to violate AZ State Statutes and the Intent of the Law to give All Voters the same Information, and thereby assuring All Candidates who follow the State Statutes the same Access to the Voters, at present isn’t happening.

We’re also looking into the Violation of Ballot Harvesting which Purcell allowed and had announced on ABC Monday Evenings News and perhaps others, that it’s alright to bring them in and drop them off at the Polls, Directly Violating AZ Law and the Courts approval of that Law. County Recorder Purcell allowing Ballots to be dropped off calls into question the Validity of the General Election, and may explain some of the Results. We hope you’ll find this an interesting read and realize that if the conclusions drawn and statements made are correct this leaves the Entire Elections Process open to being Challenged by Any and All Voters as well as Candidates and Parties or Groups.

*We’ve delivered the following facts to SOSs’, Maricopa County Supervisors’ & County Recorders’ Offices with no response.

Documents Delivered

State Sponsored Election Fraud with Official Write-In Candidates.

Arizona Revised Statutes v. SOS Election Procedures.

Arizona statutes provide for an impartial and uniform election process. Official Write-In Candidates are a part of that process, with valid philosophical and practical reasons for inclusion in our election system.  But, in spite of clear legislative intent, the process has been biased against them; one statute is used to negate others, denying write-in candidates impartiality and uniformity.

With Arizona’s statutory early voting system, it is crucial to clarify the effect of establishing early ballot voters’ mailing address locations as their lawful early polling places. Contracting with voters who request early ballots, and delivering them via the U.S. Mail, the State is­ declaring and establishing voters’ addresses as official “polling places.”

Therefore, every instructional or informative notice—other than site-specific directions—is required by law to be provided to every elector who chooses to contract with the State to let his or her residence to the State to utilize as an early voting location or polling place.

When required instruction or information is deliberately left-out of ballot materials supplied to approximately 80% of voters by mail, it is prima facie evidence of “fixing” the election!

Arizona law establishes two official candidate classes eligible for election to public office by qualified electors. The State enters legal contracts with official write-in and nominating petition-qualified candidates. By contract, both classes are equally qualified for election pursuant to Statute.

The statutory requirements for both write-in candidates and those submitting nominating petitions to run for election are identical, except write-ins are required to submit nomination papers in lieu of nominating petitions signed by electors.

Therefore, write-in candidates who meet statutory requirements are lawfully accepted as Official Write-In Candidates and are equally eligible to serve in elective office as any opponents who submit nominating petitions.

The State of Arizona accepts the write-in nomination paper and other documents as the contract that acknowledges the candidate’s legal right to have votes cast, and counted in the election results.

The resultant contract gives write-ins legal status equal to ballot-qualified candidates in every respect other than the printing of names on the ballot.

The statutes codify this contract.

However, in spite of clear legislative intent to honor the Official Write-In Candidate Contract and conduct uniform and impartial elections implicit in the state constitution and statutes, (there is a blatant pattern of conduct intended to preclude any write-in candidate ever winning election in Arizona).

This conduct has included biased and non-uniform procedures and instructions that violate the law, which is in and of itself a violation of the law.

The pattern has been continued through the 2016 Election Cycle, as public officers and election officials act pursuant to rules that violate statutes; effecting biased and non-uniform procedures for early voting and voting. At least some of these are specific to voter notification of Official Write-In Candidates.

A.R.S. §16-452(A&B) requires the Secretary of State to prescribe rules in an instructions and procedures manual for the conduct of elections in the State “prior to each election” clearly intended to incorporate any changes to the statutes. (For the 2016 elections, SOS Reagan refused to prepare and issue the prescribed manual). Whether or not the 2014 manual in-use conformed to election law in 2014, it does not conform to statutes in effect for 2016 elections.

Under threat of criminal prosecution, pursuant to 16-452(C), the county recorders, supervisors and all elections officials continue to implement unlawful rules. They are violating the State Constitution, other statutes, and at a minimum, state contracts with official write-in candidates.

Under threat of criminal prosecution, pursuant to 16-452(C), the county recorders, supervisors and all elections officials continue to implement unlawful rules. They are violating the State Constitution, other statutes, and at a minimum, state contracts with official write-in candidates.

Following are pertinent excerpts from the current 2014, 16-452 procedures and instructions manual, and the statutes cited therein upon which the procedures are purported to be based, along with observations set-apart by brackets. (The 52nd Legislature did amend state election law in 2015 & 2016.)

Excerpts from SOS Manual and cited statutes:

[Page 4]


The Secretary of State’s Election Procedures Manual is required by ARS § 16-452.

*The procedures contained in this manual were developed after consultation with each County Board of Supervisors or officer in charge of elections and have been approved by the Governor and the Attorney General. A violation of any of the provisions of this Election Procedures Manual is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

[ARS § 16-452(C)]

ARS § 16-449 requires the Secretary of State to include procedures for:

  • testing the logic and accuracy of electronic ballot tabulating systems
  • handling ballots, scanning ballots, and any other matter necessary to ensure the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality and uniformity in the administration of an electronic ballot tabulating system.
  • 16-452. Rules; instructions and procedures manual;
  • A… the Secretary of State shall proscribe rules to achieve and maintain the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality, uniformity and efficiency on the procedures for early voting and voting, and of producing, distributing, collecting, counting, tabulating and storing ballots.
  • C. A person who violates any rule adopted pursuant to this section is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.
  • CHAPTER 3 – EARLY VOTING [Page 49]
  • “Vote by Mail” Elections
  • This section is for Vote by Mail Elections only and does NOT provide for “early voting,” but it adds the following sentence: Additional inserts, including lists of official write-in candidates shall not be allowed with the official early ballot.”
  • There is no other reference to early ballots for this type election. It is evident that the sentence was added without an attempt to conform it to the subject Vote by Mail Elections statute!  So, the cited statutes, 16-225 & -227 do NOT address “Additional inserts” nor write-in candidate lists!
  • Mailing the Affidavit and Early Ballot [Page 56]
  • The Recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall mail the official early ballot, printed instructions, a secrecy envelope/sleeve (if the county chooses to use a secrecy envelope or sleeve) and a return envelope bearing a printed ballot affidavit as described in ARS § 16-547 to the requesting elector:
  • Only official election materials as determined by the County Recorder shall be allowed as inserts with the official early ballot. Additional inserts, including lists of official write-in candidates, shall not be allowed with the official early ballot
  • [The preceding prescription to leave out the Write-In Candidate List Directly Violates the LAW.]
  • [ARS § 16-542] cited statute: 16-542. Request for ballot; civil penalties; violation; classification:
  • The county recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall mail the early ballot and the envelope for its return postage prepaid to the address provided by the requesting elector…
  • On-Site Early Voting [Pages 56-57]
  • The County Recorder may establish early voting locations: At these locations, voters may cast early ballots beginning the same day that a county begins to send out the early ballots, . . . A Notice of Withdrawal and Notice of Official Write-In Candidates shall be posted at all on-site early voting locations and promptly updated as necessary. [Updates would only apply to official write-in candidates if they withdrew!
  • [ARS §§ 16-246(C), 16-343(G) & 16-542(A)] cited statutes: 16-246(C). Early balloting; satellite locations; additional procedures [This statute only applies to presidential preference elections. Paragraph C provides for on-site early voting locations for these particular elections, not all elections, so, why is it cited here when -542(A) covers all elections?]
  • 16-343(G). Filling vacancy caused by death or incapacity or withdrawal of candidate.
  • 1. The inspectors shall post the notice of vacancy in the same manner as posting official write-in candidates [This procedure is most often not followed, as the List/Notice is not posted conspicuously, at times is not posted at all, and voters are not informed by poll workers unless the voter asks for the Notice/List]. In the case of a withdrawal of a candidate that occurs after the printing of official ballots, the inspectors shall post the notice of withdrawal in a conspicuous location in each polling place. Notice of withdrawal shall also be posted at all early voting locations and shall be made available to early voters [by mail] by providing with the early ballot instructions a website address at which prompt updates to information regarding write-in and withdrawn candidates is available.
  • This statute only applies to a candidate vacancy, not to the List delivered by the BOS that has been produced from the Notice of Official Write-In Candidates delivered to it by the SOS.
  • This is the ONLY statute that prescribes a website address with updates to “available” “information regarding write-in and withdrawn candidates.”
  • It does not prescribe the creation of a website address to meet the intent of the 16-312 prescription for posting “the notice of official write-in candidates in a conspicuous place within the polling place” and in early voting locations, as prescribed earlier in the same sentence of the cited 16-343(G); which must be applied to the early ballot mailed to the elector’s State-contracted early polling place!
  • The ONLY reason the “list” or “notice” of official write-in candidates would require any update after its official generation by the SOS would be if a write-in candidate withdrew or was otherwise disqualified to run for office! Therefore, such write-in candidate being “official,” this statute erroneously separates said candidate from other official candidates by inserting the reference to “information regarding write-in and Please see further treatment of this “website” phrase below.]
  • 16-542. Request for ballot; civil penalties; violation; classification
  • A. The county recorder may establish on-site early voting locations at the recorder’s office, which shall be open and available for use beginning the same day that a county begins to send out the early ballots.
  • The County Recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall mail Early Ballot and the envelope for its’ return postage paid.
  • Instructions to Early Voters [Pages 58-59]
  • [Mail Ballot]
  • The County Recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall supply printed instructions both in English and Spanish to early voters that direct them to sign the affidavit, mark the ballot and return both in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. The early ballot instructions shall include a web site address at which information regarding official write-in candidates and withdrawn candidates for all jurisdictions on the ballot is available.
  • [The preceding sentence is taken from 16-343(G) and violates 16-312(E) as applied here to early voting instructions. -312(E) prescribes posting of the Notice of Official Write-In Candidates at the polling place, which must be extrapolated to include early ballots mailed to voters at their State-contracted personal polling place!  See below, also.]
  • [ARS § 16-547(C) and 42 U.S.C. § 15482] cited statutes: **16-547. Ballot affidavit;
  • C. The county recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall supply printed instructions to early voters that direct them to sign the affidavit, mark the ballot and return both in the enclosed self-addressed envelope that complies with section 16-545. The instructions shall include the following statement: In order to be valid and counted, the ballot and affidavit must be delivered…
  • 16-545. Early ballot.
  • A. The Early Ballot shall be one prepared for use in the precinct in which the applicant resides and… The ballot shall be identical with the regular official ballots, except that it shall have printed or stamped on it “early”.
  • [**16-547(C) Does not prescribe instructions to include a web site address for any purpose, nor prescribe nor prohibit any instructions regarding Official Write-In Candidates or withdrawn candidates!
  • Further, it is clear that the intent of 16-312 is to acknowledge a candidate’s legal right to run for office as an official write-in candidate fully entitled to receive votes and win, if the voters choose to elect him or her!
  • As stated above, we believe this clear intent must also demand the Notice of Official Write-In Candidates be included in the Early Voters Mail-In Ballot Package as well because it is mailed to the voter’s State-contracted polling place; because the intent of 16-312 is to acknowledge the candidate’s legal right to run as an official write-in candidate, AND the voters’ legal right to be fully informed of official write-in candidates for whom they may cast their votes!
  • There can be NO lawful requirement for Arizona voters to purchase or borrow a computer or other device with which to access the Internet in order to find information to which they are lawfully entitled.
  • By prohibiting the inclusion of the list of official write-in candidates with the early ballot mailed to voters, the SOS has also violated at least 16-312, and -452, by insuring that elections will not meet the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality and uniformity required by 16-452.
  • Pursuant to 16-452, to comply with the requirement for “the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality, uniformity and efficiency,” early ballot mailings MUST include the list of official write-in candidates eligible for votes in the precinct the ballot covers:
  • 16-452. Rules; instructions and procedures manual;…
  • A… the Secretary of State shall prescribe rules to achieve and maintain the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality, uniformity and efficiency on the procedures for early voting and voting, and of producing, distributing, collecting, counting, tabulating and storing ballots…
  • [It must also include a notice of vacancies from withdrawals occurring after the printing of the ballots. See below, and 16-343(G), above.]
  • The SOS adding proscriptions against including lists of official write-in candidates to the instructions and procedures manual, and adding a prescription to include a web site address requiring early voters to go to a web site for “information” on official write-in candidates and withdrawn candidates is deliberate, unlawful and should constitute a criminal offense.
  • The Arizona Constitution, Article II. §21, guarantees free and equal elections with free exercise of the right of suffrage. With A.R.S. §16-452 & -312, the legislature clearly intended to comply with this section when providing for the lawful exercise of a citizen’s right to run for office as a write-in candidate in a free and equal election, and for all voters to freely exercise the right of suffrage through equal access to the names of all official candidates qualified to receive and have votes counted toward election pursuant to Article VII. §7.
  • The expansion of election procedures to include early voting by mail ballot transforms the voter’s address location into his official State-contracted polling place. The statutes do not—and can not—prescribe denial of voters’ right to be given the Notice (or List) of Official (or Eligible) Write-In Candidates. The voters have lawfully entered into contracts with the State of Arizona to let their address locations to the State as their official polling places by requesting early ballots be delivered to them via U.S. Mail.
  • The SOS can not add to the statutes a decree that lists of official write-in candidates shall not be allowed with the official early ballot.
  • Nor can the SOS decree that voters be required to access a web site address in order to ferret – out the names of official write-in candidates to which they are entitled with their ballot.
  • Election officials are required to post the Notice of Official Write-In Candidates and the Notice of Withdrawn Candidates conspicuously for Voters to see at early voting locations and polling places.
  • Therefore, by contracting with voters to mail their ballots to their addresses, the county recorder or other election official in charge of mailing early ballots must include these notices with each early ballot.]
  • Election Day [Page 132]
  • Setting Up the Polling Place
  • The members of the election board shall:
  • Post the list of official write-in candidates, if applicable, in a conspicuous location
  • Post a notice of: Any vacancies due to voluntary or involuntary withdrawals that occurred after the printing of ballots, and
  • Any vacancies due to the death or incapacity of a candidate and that any votes cast for that candidate will be tabulated.
  • For each candidate and issue contest for which the Secretary of State is the filing officer, the County Officer shall (1) conduct a hand count . . . of at least two per cent . . .
  • [ARS §-602(B), 16-602(G) & 16-663(B)]
  • II. Definitions
  • “Contested Race” shall mean a race where there are more candidates than positions available.
  • VI. Selection of Races to Be Counted in the Precinct Hand Count and Early Ballot Audit [ARS § 16-602(B)]
  • A write-in candidacy in a race does not constitute a contested race.
  • 16-602. B. . . . 4. For the purposes of this section, a write-in candidacy in a race does not constitute a contested race.
  • [This statute directly violates the clear legislative intent and effect of 16-452 requiring uniformity and impartiality, and of providing for write-in candidate qualification, that meet the constitutional intent of access to free and equal elections.The Hand Count is conducted to test the electronic voting machine or tabulator. By excluding the write-in ballots, there is no verification that the equipment finds and sorts all write-in ballots from the rest!]
  • Please see the following page for the representative 2014 Schedule of Events regarding required Official Write-In Candidate events. There being no 2016 SOS manual, there was no such schedule provided for 2016.
  • [This 2014 Schedule of Events confirms that there is no attempt to provide the Notice of Official Write-In Candidates, or the Notice of Withdrawn Candidates to early mail ballot voters.]
  • 7/17/2014 PE-40 SOS Deadline for Write-in Candidate Nomination Papers for Primary Election at 5:00 p.m. 16-312(B)
  • 7/18/2014 PE-39 SOS Deliver Notice of Write-in Candidates Filing Nomination Papers 16-312
  • 7/18/2014 PE-39 BOS Include List of Eligible Write-in Candidates in Supplies for Precinct Inspectors 16-312(C)
  • 7/31/2014 PE-26 REC Begin Early Voting for Primary Election 16-542(C)
  • 7/31/2014 PE-26 [REC] Mail Early Ballots to voters on permanent early voting list 16-544(F)
  • 8/25/2014 PE-1 BOS Deliver Polling Place Supplies 16-404, 16- 447(D), 16-511*
  • 8/25/2014 PE-1 BOS Deliver List of Qualified Write-in Candidates to Inspector to be Posted Election Day in Polling Place 16-312*
  • 8/26/2014 PE ALL August 26, 2014 Primary Election 16-201
  • General Election:
  • 9/26/2014 GE-39 BOS Include List of Eligible Write-in Candidates in Supplies for Precinct Inspectors 16-312
  • 9/26/2014 GE-39 SOS Deliver Notice of Write-in Candidates Filing Nomination Papers 16-312
  • 10/9/2014 GE-26 REC Mail Early Ballots to voters on permanent early voting list 16-544(F)
  • 11/3/2014 GE-1 BOS Deliver Polling Place Supplies 16-404, 16- 447(D), 16-511*
  • 11/3/2014 GE-1 BOS Deliver List of Qualified Write-In Candidates to Inspector to be Posted Election Day in Polling Place
  • Qualified Electors of the State of Arizona did the Research and Delivered it to the above mentioned State & County Offices for a response and received none. They realize full well that many Voters don’t know or even care about this process, however there’s more to come and the misuse of the system placed into law by so called impartial office holders to effect the desired results in Our Election Process should and hopefully will concern all. There will be More on AZs’ Elections Process by this group of concerned citizens as we should all be, this system is the only Method we have to control those in office or be Controlled by Them and we must be able to trust both the process and those in charge of carrying it out, so far the lack of response by those in office shows to us they can’t be trusted to do so and are more concerned with Winning as Recorder Purcell stated than in following the laws. ( Time to Drain the Political Swamps in AZ Politics ).

In Closing We believe Election Cycles are Critical for Our Nation & States as to whether we sink deeper into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choice is clear, never support those voting against or compromising the US Constitution and Our Freedoms, We believe that’s actually what most of you are hoping for and the Elite Power Brokers are afraid of: (Time to Drain All Political Swamps)…