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Van’s Crossroads



All Illegals within our borders must leave and all employers must use E Verify and be fined when employijng Illegals no matter how they originally entered.  Mexico is funding Mexican Nationals who are within our borders illegally hoping to help them stay here, which will also aid them in continuing to send Billions back to Mexico which they need to avoid a Financial Disaster that’s just around the corner for them, they refuse to deal with this problem along with the Drug Lords who continue to send Drugs to addict our children and in some cases cause their Deaths, so we’re trading the Future of America’s Children to benefit a Corrupt Government and Drug Dealers, I’m sure Our Founders would be proud of what we’ve done to the Great Republic so many have Died to give us and others have died to Maintain, time for all of us to take action. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk