Month: December 2017

AZ GOP Politics Fake News & Polls

Candidates Comments: Van’s Position on AZ GOP Politics as usual in AZ. I do believe if the Media & Press would follow Frosty’s example, AZ, and for that matter the Nation, wouldn’t be in this shape and continue heading in that direction, with once again increasing the Debt and Adding all types of Pork to the Tax Bill they just passed.

We as a People can’t afford more who’ve proven their loyalty to Party or Lobbyists over the People they’re supposedly serving. I, for one, always follow the money and find that it always leads back to those Funding the Candidates by Office Holders Voting against US and for their Funders.

We in CD 8 and elsewhere, must remember the Bad Votes they don’t speak of, such as SB 1469 stripping the Supt. of Authority, National Popular Vote, and PROP 123 Stealing from AZ Land Trust, (which never delivered the promised raises to the Teachers but made the Gov. & Legislators look like they did something, according to what AZ Treasurer Jeff Dewit said, they shrank AZ’s Trust Fund–which he campaigned against–but they wouldn’t listen to the Treasurer). There are more bills which, if listed, would take up more space than allowed.

Our Children are suffering in the AZ Public School system, and continue to finish at the bottom in National Ratings. AZ is still Billions in Debt, and no solution is offered by any who now hold or have held State Office. Legislators pass budgets with no real oversight, and for that reason, I believe most running would just move from the AZ Septic Tank of Politics to the SWAMP in DC without missing a step.

I’ve watched and taken part in AZ Politics, and I’m still amazed that most running claim how conservative they are at events, but their Voting Records are mostly never discussed, as many consider that to be attacking them. [I suppose for some, the only ones we’re allowed to attack are either the Democrats, or those whom we agree are RINOs. When it comes to GOP officeholders we like, that’s a different story.] My Dad always asked how I did in school, and then looked at my Report Card to check my grades; I learned never to Lie to my Father. I wish some of these Candidates OfficeHolders would learn not to Lie to US.

Jean & I campaigned for Sheriff Joe & President Trump, taking yard signs to meetings in the West Valley and staying to the end to be certain those attending took the signs home did not leave them in the back of the room. We also put their signs in our Front Yard, which is more than I can say for some who claimed to support them (check the photo of my yard).

All Elections are Critical, however, I do believe the upcoming Special Election in CD 8 is even more so, as it’s the first time in 15 years we’ll be choosing a New Representative. The last thing we need is one more Career Politician; meaning, for the most part, more of the same.

I state this: “If elected, I’ll serve out the term, and then, would serve for no more than 3 additional terms–equaling 6 years–then not run for Re-Election. I do believe, after a time, a new set of eyes is needed; on this the Voters in CD 8 & AZ have my Word.”

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk



My comments are meant to show just how the GOP & Career Politicians use the system to plant the names of only those who’ve passed their test of loyalty to the GOP SWAMP MANAGERS, then promoting them as though they are the only ones running, to hopefully assure victory for one of their own and continue Managing the SWAMP.

I read the Arizona Republic today and found an article by Hansen & Sanchez about Rep. Franks resignation giving mention to 6 possible Candidates all of whom are in office or have been.

Later in the evening I received two calls one Poll was a Robo style and other a Grassroots group doing a Poll mentioning the same 6 asking me if I’d support them.

I questioned the Grassroots Pollster asking why Clair Van Steenwyk who’d challenged Rep. Franks in the 2016 Primary, and received approximately 30% of the Vote wasn’t in the Poll? The Pollster responded oh I’ve heard of him, is he running?

I said yes he’s running and was getting petitions signed to qualify for the Feb. Primary Ballot. He asked are you certain, I responded I’m Clair Van Steenwyk, he just sort of gasped and said you are, to which I said yes, and explained that I’d only spent $3,500 getting the 30%, and he was shocked I’d gotten 30% with so little funds.

While we were speaking he told I believe his Supervisor that I was on the line, and asking why I wasn’t in the Poll, his Supervisor mumbled we’re not including him, then mumbled something I couldn’t make out.

My position on this is the same as it’s always been the Politically Elite Class in AZ don’t want anyone’s name mentioned to the Voting Public in Papers, Polls etc., except those already proven to follow instructions.
This system is the Definition of FAKE NEWS, REPORTING, POLLING to bring about the Will of the GOP Politically Connected in AZ and the Country.

I realize that those mentioned have Political Baggage from their Votes on SB 1469, HB 2184, National Popular Vote, Putting PROP 123 on the Ballot and so much more, while all Claim to be conservatives, which can’t be true when you understand what the bills they voted for did, and by protecting the Political Class the People Suffer.

I’ve seen this happening over the yrs. in AZ in many others races as well, and spoken out on Radio, TV, Blogs, Rallies, LD & GOP Meetings etc., however nothings changed.

I don’t believe anything will change as those who run the System and Candidates (Career Politicians) who benefit have already sold their souls, treating Voters like children who shouldn’t have real choices.

I hope some reading this recognize it and begin the Long Battle Needed to Change It, or there’s no Hope for this Nation or State as the FAKE GOP POLLSTERS & REPORTING bring about the Desired result is allowed and supported by all involved in it from the TOP to the BOTTOM of this SEPTIC TANK.

I have never sought a Career in Politics, I’ve run because I believe in the True Cause for Freedom and know with the System as it stands we’ll Never Again Attain It.

We’ve begun our Campaign in the Race for the Open House Seat in CD 8, we’re working toward the Goal of attaining the Required Number of Signatures needed to Qualify for the Ballot in the Special Election in Feb. 27,2018, with the limited amount of time to do so, and hope to be successful.

The One Exception to this has been Frosty Tayor’s Maricopa County Republican Briefs, where she mentions my running against Rep. Franks and thank her for the honesty.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Is AZ a Republic or Socialist State?

AZ seems to be slipping farther into a Socialist type State Government while the rest of us believe we’re a Republic!

I’ve followed the AZ Political System closely for several yrs. now and have continued to see our State fall farther into Socialism than most would notice.
This process has been aided by those in the Legislature basically handing the Ball Off to either the Executive Branch, Agencies or Boards along with Propositions on the Ballot  rather than them doing what they’re elected to do which is Represent US.

I realize most believe just by them voting on Bills and then sending them forward for the Governor to sign into Law is what they’re suppose to do, however the question all of us should be asking is where do all of these Bills come from and who are they really voting to Help, the Lobbyists, Big Business or US, whether done by Legislation or Propositions on the Ballot?

I for one know that a Republic form of Government isn’t mob rule and when the Legislators put forth Propositions for the Voters to decide rather than for them to do so we’re actually at that point becoming a Socialist Democracy rather than a True Republic, as most Props are decided by how many ADs the public listens to or views and that’s determined by who has the $$$$$$$$’s to Promote their Point of View which generally doesn’t favor US.

Prop 123 is a perfect example of this, which didn’t deliver as promised but did take Billions out of the AZ Trust Fund and our AZ Treasurer Jeff Dewit campaigned against it but the Legislators did what Gov. Ducey wanted for Political reasons rather than for Fiscal Ones, so they put it on the Ballot and we lost.

There is also the Board of Education all appointed and the State Agencies, we as Voters must become more aware of what’s going on  in AZ Politics while we still have some say in it thru the Ballot Box and if we don’t then we’ll eventually turn into another NY or CA. etc.

US Constitution Article IV. Section IV. Guarantees Each State a Republic Form of Government, however as with all Guarantees in Life the owner of the Guarantee must see that its’ Enforced and that’s All of US. Link:!/articles/4/essays/128/guarantee-clause

Here’s a podcast I listened to where Kris Anne Hall talks about it being unconstitutional for states to allow voters to approve laws with their votes.  Kris’s statements on this occur at about the 19 min. to 28 min. section, as they come out of a break.

Kris Anne Hall and her husband begin speaking about how the legislature has given their authority to make laws away to agencies, courts etc., and how the state legislatures is unconstitutionally allowing voters to approve laws.  By doing all of the above the states are no longer republics.

Kris then at the 57 minute mark she discusses Citizenship and who qualifies for the benefits of Citizenship.

Link to the Kris Anne Hall Podcast:

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
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