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America’s National Anthem Defeats No Fans Left Leagues Entertainers!

America:  Watch the Video for the History of the Anthem, and then Read & Share this one, hopefully we can get those who’ve decided to demonstrate their Disrespect for Our National Anthem just might get the message and do something that would truly make a difference.

Will Americans Stand 4 Freedom or Entertainment know your History?

History does Matter.

You tube video of Our National Anthems History:

George Washington stated very clearly what Freedom meant then & should mean now: The American Christian is set apart from all other people in the World as they’ll Die on Their Feet rather than live on their knees. This advice needs to be followed by those who’ve been Blessed with the talent to perform it in a Free Nation, and realize their not heroes, but nothing more than entertainers who entertain us, unlike those who fight to Protect US daily whether in Battle Over Seas the Streets of America fighting Crime, Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes etc. these are the Real Heroes of America.

We the People must show the Respect to Our Real Heroes, not those who entertain us whether on the Field, TV, Stage or Screen. I’d love to see all these athletes and other entertainers Donate the Time to help stop the Real Crimes of Murder, Rape, Robbery, in the very Streets in which these Crimes are committed if they really believe in Justice then go to Chicago to begin with and then as this Cities Death Toll shrinks move onto the next that is if the BLM ( Black Lives Matter ) will allow them to do so, as that’s a movement I and others would gladly support.

We need to remember just how disrespectful this is to all who’ve fought & died to keep us Safe & Free whether here at home or across the seas and if those who’ve benefited the most from that can’t show respect for this then let’s try this idea. They draw their salaries from the viewers & those attending, so if those two categories would stop viewing and attending for say Three Straight Games which is a just 2 Sundays and a Monday they’d get the message quickly, as it’s all about the $$$$$$$$’s for all of them owners & players etc., advertisers can get the message by all just sending them emails stating as long as they do this don’t bother advertising I’m not buying your products, may seem crazy but Standing Up for what’s right is still right, and it only takes the good to sit down for the evil to grow.

NFL RISKS BILLIONS in Tax-Funded Stadiums to Support Black Lives Matter,

Lets also remember Offensive Tackle Alejandro Villanueva’s action of taking the field garnered a veiled shot from coach Mike Tomlin and respect from defensive end Cameron Heyward. for his decision to reject a national anthem protest by his teammates.  NFL fans are rewarding Pittsburgh Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva in droves purchasing his jersey, for his decision to reject a national anthem protest by his teammates.

News Flash

Now  we’re getting a new take on what happened in the Stadium, so not sure what to believe did he take a stand and now retreats from it, only he knows for certain. Villanueva and his teammates indicated a day later that his presence outside the tunnel actually occurred accidentally rather than by design. He said he had wanted to see the flag before the game but was still outside when the anthem began, at which point he did not want to move. Yet he subsequently felt as if he’d broken ranks.

“Unfortunately, I threw (my teammates) under the bus, unintentionally,” he said. “Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself, I feel embarrassed.

“We as a team tried to figure it out. Obviously we butchered it. … I’m not gonna pretend I have some kind of righteous voice.”

Now the Fans have to figure out what type of pressure brought this on as fans agreed with what he did and it didn’t look like he was there by accident, you decide.

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Americans message is Loud & Clear to the NFL, as over 75% of the NFL Fans don’t agree with the disrespect shown by players.

Record Number of NFL Players Kneel – Here’s The TV Ratings After That Hissy Fit –The Week 2 NFL single-header window delivered an 8.4 rating and 14.5 million viewers on CBS Sunday, down 24% in ratings and viewership from last year on FOX (11.0, 19.2M) and down 14% and 13% respectively from 2015 on CBS (9.8, 16.7M). The 8.4 rating is the lowest for the Week 2 single-header since at least 1998. The first two NFL windows on CBS this season have both declined double-digits to multi-year lows. It appears as the Numbers indicate they may need to rename the NFL to the No Fans LeagueSportsMediaWatch

The Spoiled Overpaid  & Uninformed Players  seem to have the owners Love of Money over National Pride figured out, which allows this type of behavior, as I’m not against protest its’ a God Granted Right, but protest the problem which are the Crimes committed in Our Cities not the National Anthem or 99.9% of the Police serving them as the Police Shootings are down Nation wide, so go where the problems exist the  Cities the Franchises are in with high crime areas including murders on a daily basis as in Chicago for one example, so go set up some groups to work on them and put your monies where your knees seem to be, it’s hard work to fix these problems and will take a good deal of dedicated time & money, so look at it as a Challenge and set up  a game plan that the Owners & Players etc. will all take part in and this includes the Networks who benefit from All the Ad $$$$$’s as well.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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Dreamers Demand Amnesty for All Illegals!


Amnesty Will Transform the U.S.A. by Using the Ballot Box and it will be a Permanent One, and Illegal Border Crossings are on the Rise Again as they believe they’ll be in line for Legal Status as well!

Pelosi got a taste of the danger any Democrat faces in getting too close to Trump when a group of angry Dreamers protesting staged a hijacking of her San Francisco news conference on Monday morning to denounce her negotiations with the president, however I believe it’s just a way to add more Illegals to the already long list that President Trump is considering giving Legal Status / Amnesty to along with a Path to Citizenship.

About 40 young protesters, including Illegal Immigrants, surrounded her and unveiled protest banners for All Illegals to gain Amnesty, as she prepared to discuss her work to pass the Dream Act in an event at College Track, an education nonprofit in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Link To Pelosis Press Conference:

This isn’t about one press conference, even though I enjoyed watching the staged Pelosi shut down and appearing to get a taste of her own medicine, however it’s about the Negotiating Process that President Trump seems to be on the path toward giving not just the Dreamers Legal Status but Millions of other Illegals within our borders as well, if this happens it will without a Doubt end the possibility of ever Restoring the US to a True Republic form of Government, and hand it over to the Democrats in the short and long term.

We must remember we can count on is, they won’t vote on Our Side of the Aisle, anymore than the Black Community has even though it was the GOP that passed the so called Civil Rights Bill of the 60’s and is in favor of giving Illegals Amnesty except when running for office.

In 2014, the year for which the most recent numbers are available, there were 325,000 undocumented immigrants living in Arizona, up from 300,000 in 2012.  Nationally, the undocumented immigrant population was 11.1 million, almost the same as in 2014, when there were 11.2 million, that is if you trust the counting process of the US Government, most believe the above listed numbers are much higher than this, however even at these levels most citizens don’t see the train coming down the tracks, this Legal Status will be 4 ALL within our borders Illegally which I believe will include one way or another the overstayed worker & visitors who have disappeared off the face of the earth as far as the US Government is concerned and benefit Big Business which pays off many in the GOP.

Here are the results of the elections in 2016 in AZ,  it’s easy to see just why the Dreamers are Demanding Amnesty & Pathway to Citizenship for All Illegals, and I’m certain the Democrats will give them all Amnesty & a Pathway to Citizenship, the results being as the numbers clearly demonstrate we’ll bea Socialist State Forever.     AZ General : Trump 1,252,401 / Clinton 1,161,167= + 91,234, remember President Trump barely won MI., PA, and WI, so if this happens we’re toast. Here’s a link that gives some numbers by each state and thereby every State & Federal Office could change as we all know the older voters are slowly but surely dying off making the change faster and even more dramatic. Link:

The new voters will change the face of America if this Amnesty / Path to Citizenship is allowed, then we as Americans have indeed been betrayed by the very person we’ve Trusted to Prevent this from happening, as most Constitutional Scholars agree, Non Citizens and especially Illegals don’t have Constitutional Rights.

Newer updated Figures:

Link by State: totals of each State don’t include the Lost Taxes resulting from Illegals being paid in Cash and not paying Taxes on the Monies, nor does it take into Account the Jobs lost by Americans to Illegals because they work for less and in doing so keep the Wages for Americans Depressed and Americans Unemployed not to mention the costs of all the unreported or unsolved Crimes committed by Illegals including Auto accidents etc., Not One State in the US is receiving more in Revenues than Monies Spent on Illegals. I personally believe the costs are higher and don’t forget the Illegals send Billions back to their native countries which for a country like Mexico is just a form of Foreign Aid and Mexico doesn’t want to lose it as proven by  their recent ADS telling Illegals that Mexico will help them stay in America, this isn’t an Act of an Ally but an ENEMY.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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Agencies must report status when asked, US Constitution on Immigration, 8 US Code Sec. 1373, Link:


Who’ll Cave In 1st NOKO or USA?

 Some Military Experts mostly retired now believe the time for sanctions is over and Military Action is necessary, although most in the Diplomatic Core are recommending more sanctions and diplomacy, talks, then waiting to see if China will finally deliver on its’ promises to Enforce the Sanctions, before taking any type of Military Action. I believe Sanctions are a method if Enforced on China within 60 Days of Non Compliance may work, and if President Trump isn’t willing to Enforce these Sanctions due to some experts saying it will Cost the American People Economically such as higher prices for goods imported from China, then we as a Nation have finally and Officially reached the status in the World of a Roaring Lion, which for those who don’t understand the Biblical term is an Old Weak Lion without Teeth so all He can do is Roar, in Plain English Our Bark is worse than you Bite.

I believe as do many active military who advised me during my race for Federal Office that a War with NOKO would be extremely costly to SOKO and Japan as they can already be reached by the Nuclear Bombs NOKO has, and the US will be next, this leaves us No Choice, allowing NOKO to get the Delivery system to send their New Bomb to the US, which I believe in the Long Run NOKO will use directly or sell to Terrorists / Iran who would then use it themselves or through a Terrorist Group they support, or Living with Political Blackmail and under the Threat of Destruction at anytime, remember NOKO leader believes he’s a god.

President Trump must take the position as did President Truman that even though dropping the Bombs on Japan to End WW II  destroyed two cities and cost thousand of lives it also saved Hundreds of Thousands of US Soldiers & Millions of Japanese Lives, this was the right decision in the Long Run. I do believe that the same is true now and as stated previously if Our Economic Future seems more important in the Short Term then we’ve truly lost our way as a Moral World Leader & Nation only because we are putting Economics ahead of FREEDOM.

I along with most realize the cost of Human Life would be extreme, however most also realize that given the choices of War now or the Eventual Destruction of the FREE WORLD and Slavery for All would be of even a Higher Cost in the Long View of the World and Our Children.

Our Economy has survived Two World Wars, and several other smaller wars not to mention Recessions and yes the 2nd WW brought the US out of the Great Depression, so I do believe we’d make our way back again as we are a FREE People, but if we don’t take a Definite Offensive Stand against Tyranny then we’ve finally fallen into a Desperate People who now Put the Love of Money, which is the ROOT of Evil / Economy over FREEDOM.

President Trump made it  clear today with his speech at the UN that American won’t allow the continued march of NOKO to achieve its’ goal of having a ICBM that could reach the US with its’ newly acquired Hydrogen Bomb now achieved by a Weak US Foreign Policy, and will take actions to prevent it at a great cost to NOKO, we can only hope that China and others will take this message seriously, and that President Trump won’t allow that same State Dept. & other Politically Correct Officials to change this position, as in WW II the Prime Minister Chamberlain of England appeased Adolf Hitler which showed him the weakness he needed to begin WW II, this can’t be allowed to happen again as the Costs to the US would be a far greater Loss of Life .

Link to President Trump’s Speech:

In Closing the 1st & Primary Duty of the President is to Protect the American People and in that statement alone lies the answer to the Crisis we Face as a Nation, which is Our very Existence.  

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk / Constitutional Activist

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ASU President Crow said We Will Help DACA Students!


Apparently ASU President M. Crow is willing to do whatever he deems necessary to make it possible for DACA students to continue their education even at the cost to our children paying a higher costs, even though I do believe he’s mandated by law to lower the costs which these funds could be used to do, this is of no surprise to most realizing it’s more about the Political Agenda to the Socialist Elites in Education than it is to Educating Americas Children.

I would suggest that anyone wanting to put an End to this type of blatant disregard for the Citizens who pay the bills needs to contact their Legislators and Governor Ducey and ask them to do something to stop these programs immediately as I’m certain there are Americans who’d love to have these same benefits extended to them as they are Citizens and will need all the help they can get in a Country which is changing by the minute.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Link to Show on this Article:

Check All Links to Verify Information.

We will have more to say after the President announces his decision.
Michael M. Crow
Arizona State University,

More on Crow Info Must Read:,

Subject: Message to the ASU Community regarding today’s DACA announcement

Dear ASU Community:

Two days ago, I made clear ASU’s intention to honor its constitutionally mandated mission<> to provide a quality education to Arizona’s college bound students – all of them.

I had previously reaffirmed ASU’s “historic commitment to Dreamers generally and to DACA students in particular.” I stand by that commitment, including my promise that “If DACA is eliminated, we will rise to the challenge,” just as we did before DACA existed by finding resources for these students from private sources.

In my November statement, I provided the broad outlines of our action plan<>.  Here are some specific steps we are taking in response to today’s announcement:

  1. We will work with the Arizona Congressional Delegation and other members of Congress to enact the DREAM Act or other appropriate federal legislation to provide analternative to DACA by the administration’s March 5, 2018, deadline.  I have asked Matt Salmon, ASU’s Vice President for Government Affairs, to lead this effort.  I am hopeful that this time we will succeed in finding what I have long considered a pathway to an educated future<> for thousands of young people who have done nothing wrong.

How Salmon got his job at ASU:

  1. We will engage the members of the Arizona business community and the various Arizona Chambers of Commerce who have supported these efforts in the past to assist with our federal policy work. Matt Salmon and his team will also coordinate this work.
  2. We will facilitate legal advice for and to our students. I have asked Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, José Cárdenas, and the dean of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Doug Sylvester, to coordinate this effort.
  3. Past experience has taught us that despite overwhelming public support for the DREAM Act, passage is not a certainty. To cover that eventuality, we will begin work now with individual, corporate, and foundation donors to help provide scholarships and other resources to our students.  I’ve asked Gretchen Buhlig, CEO of the ASU Foundation, and ASU Sr. Vice President Christine Wilkinson, to lead this effort.
  4. Our contingency planning will include discussions with Mexican and other international universities to identify and develop higher education programs that may be of assistance to our students.  Executive Vice President and University Provost Mark Searle and General Counsel José Cárdenas will lead this effort.

All of these steps are in addition to those we initiated last November and earlier this year, and that we have enhanced since then.  For example, in November we began providing counseling services to our DACA students, and over the course of the last several months we have touched base with every one of our DACA students to reaffirm our support for the completion of their college education.

And earlier this year we established a web page for DACA students and for international staff and faculty, and we will continue to use it to provide additional and up-to-date information.  We have already added links to the three DHS documents concerning the administration’s decision to rescind DACA: A press release, a memorandum and an FAQ about the decision. All three can be found on ASU’s immigration and travel resources 

Is Trump Losing Base Support?

The question as to President Trumps losing his base due to his lack of following thru on his Campaign Promises.

President Trump promised his supporters he’d End DACA upon taking office and begin Deporting All Illegals not just those his  Liberal Staff considers to be Criminals, and now 6 months later kicking the Political Can down the Road with no End is Sight as Congress is being asked to Act with the 2018 Election Cycle coming up, what will his Base Do?  His base believed President Trump said and meant shortly after taking the Oath of Office, and not 6 months later kicking the Political Can Down the Road to the GOP RINOs who run Congress and are anxious to give Amnesty to All Illegals within the Borders, and yes this will include I believe those who also over stayed Visas.

I’ve been following closely reports I receive from other supporters in AZ and elsewhere as to their displeasure at his lack of following thru on the promises he made while campaigning where he also stated I’m not a Politician so you can trust me.  It now appears President Trump doesn’t have the Political Courage to even make the announcement himself but is using AG Sessions who he’s spoken out against to be the Front Man in making the Announcement and thereby escapes making the Announcement of Surrendering to the 800.000 Dreamers himself as still no mention of truly enforcing the Existing Laws in the case of Dreamers, this isn’t leadership as he passes the Buck to Sessions rather than having to Choke on his own Words of the Campaign, once again Promises Made & Promises Broken.

The lack of following thru and adding to that his dancing around the issue of all Illegals by moving it to just deporting Criminal Illegals either demonstrates his lack of knowledge of what a Criminal is or just moving back to the Left side where his Daughter & Son in Law are and have always been along with most of his White House Staff, they believe in almost every Social Justice Issue and especially in Amnesty for the Children.

If President Trump believes his Base Support won’t erode, then he’s truly not a good reader of just how many of them supported him because of his stand on the Illegals and Border Security.  The lack of following thru on his Promises may not cost him the states he won by large margins, however those he won by single digits such as: Wisconsin won by less than 1% & 10 Electoral Votes, Michigan less than 1/2% & 16 Electoral Votes, Pennsylvania less than 1% & 20 Electoral Votes, this totals 46 Electoral Votes minus those from the 306 and Trump loses the Election, this doesn’t include a swing state with low percentages as well like Florida won by 1.20% & 29 Electoral Votes.

The swing of just a small number of votes or a higher turnout of Democrats will bring us right back to another Total Socialist in the White House along with a mostly Big Government Congress no matter the Party, as recently demonstrated by the failure of the GOP to End Obama Care and I also don’t believe they’ll secure our borders or give us meaningful Tax Reforms, as most are in the pockets of Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce who want Illegals here now and forever.

The Swamp Managers don’t want a WALL as they know once its’ built you can’t take it down, whereas with extra guards, technology etc. that can be changed quickly and most won’t even know it’s happened to them, and the Lie they tell about how much Illegals contribute to the Economy is mostly never exposed by anyone in the Media, just check the #’s Link:

I’m hoping all of you will contact the White House by Calling: 202-456-1111 or the Comment Line: 201-456-1414, and let them know what you think of the back tracking and not doing what was Promised to the American Voters to gain their Support & Votes.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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