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AZ 2016 Elections Rigged to Remove Sheriff Joe!

Lets examine the General Election Results of 2016 and try to understand just what happened in Maricopa County to Sheriff Joe, as we know Numbers Don’t Lie, even though sometimes they Make NO Sense. Voting Numbers from Maricopa County Recorders Office:

Trump 747,361 vs. Clinton’s 702,901 = + for Trump of 44,460.
Joe 665,581 vs. Penzone’s 861,757 = + for Penzone of 196,176.
Trump 747,361 vs. Joe 665,581 = + for Trump of 81,780
Clinton’s 702,901  Penzone’s 861,757 = +  for Penzone 158,856
Trump  received more Votes than Sheriff Joe , and Penzone vs. Clinton, Penzone received significantly more votes than Clinton, especially considering this was a Hotly Contested Presidential race , we believe many of the 81,780 who voted for Trump then voted for Penzone not 4 Joe .  The numbers warrant an even larger question,
President Trump’s and Sheriff Joe’s votes =1,412,942,      Clinton and Penzone’s votes =1,564,658
a difference of 151,716, however taking the difference of
Pres. Trump & Joe Votes = 81,780 Votes where did the other 69,936 Votes for Penzone come from?  
Maricopa Co. Recorder Purcell lost as well, possibly due to some Ballot Harvesting, however seems RINOs actually didn’t cross over in this one:
Fontes 704,916 vs. Purcells 690,088 = + Fontes 14,828  much more reflective of the Democratic support for Clinton, in fact Fontes
received 2,000 votes more than Clinton. so what happened in the Sheriffs race?  The numbers for President and County Recorder are more in line with those voting for President rather than just a County Office.
Presidential County total 1,450,262
County Recorder’s   total 1,395,004
County Sheriff ‘s        total 1,527,338
for me easy to see there’s something fishy about this past election process and we’re hoping there’s a Federal Agency that will look into it as don’t trust AZ SOS or AG to.
President Trump 747,361 / Purcell 690,088 / Sheriff Joe 665,581 doing the Math, this was a heated Presidential Race,  so why aren’t Joe & Purcell’s numbers more in line as Clinton & Fontes numbers are?  The answer for me is one many GOP RINOs voted for Penzone, plus Ballot Harvesting to put him over the top as Dems couldn’t totally depend on the RINO Votes needed to defeat Sheriff Joe.  The numbers get even better when asking another question: Joe vs. Penzone total 1,527,338 and Trump vs. Clinton total 1,450,262 a difference of 77,076 Votes on the plus side of the Sheriff’s race where did they come from ?
I believe the answer to this question is, not enforcing the Ballot Harvesting by Country Recorder Purcell who stated she’d allow Ballots to be turned in on air and in the press, because the GOP Legislature wrote a law to stop Ballot Harvesting without any way to Enforce it,  the GOP Legislators who passed it knew it couldn’t be Enforced but ran on it like they’d done their jobs, this was a Fixed Election to remove Joe by the GOP Elites and for me there’s no question of it as they’d been gunning for him for yrs., and they also brought down AG Tom Horne in the Primary to insure nothing would be done just as nothing was done about the 400,000 pamphlets explaining PROP 123 to voters were mailed out to late to explain to the Early Voters what would really happen, no mistakes made by the GOP Elites that help set this up.
The RINO Liberal GOP in Maricopa County put Joe out of office just put up Trump vs. Penzone and Trump would have lost so the conclusion I reach is quite simple who were the 81,780 who didn’t vote for Joe but did vote for Trump when Joe supported Trump so looks like we have some real GOP RINO Groups in Maricopa County.  I realize that Penzone beat Clinton by some 158,856 votes as well, but was still betrayed by McCain / Flake GOP RINO Elites beginning with the Gov. and his cronies and  among others in GOP leadership.
There maybe another explanation for this which is we have that many uninformed voters who just wanted a new sheriff, and didn’t care what he’d do when it came to closing tent city and releasing Illegal Immigrant Criminals onto the streets of AZ, and didn’t care enough about America to Vote for the President, this isn’t the case in Presidential Elections and I believe this one should have been even more so.
Remember this took place in Maricopa County not generally known as a Democratic Stronghold as proven by once again the Numbers Trump vs. Clinton.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
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Trump Reluctantly Supports Afghan Expansion!

The struggle between White House advisers calling for Trump to take the lead in a more traditional presidential manner, and pushed for him to force out Bannon — who lead the National Popular movement in the Economy, Border Security, Immigration Policy, a Non Global Plan, and was forced out by Chief of Staff John Kelly and I’m certain President Trump’s daughter Ivanka put in her displeasure with Bannon along with McMaster who has his own plan for American Globalism.

Officials pushed Trump into a more moderate direction, those who pushed President Trump in this direction include National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin both Liberal Democrats, who remain in the Cabinet pushing for more moderate reforms than those of Bannon and very likely will leave many of the Tax Breaks for the High Income Earners fully in tact which makes all of them Millions.

Cohn and Mnuchin are the key players in Septembers negotiating with Congress, and I’m certain will do what’s best for the Elites in DC and NY, with the White House and Congress needing a spending plan to avoid a government shutdown, this will include raising the debt ceiling once again, and will come at a cost to the Average American while at the same time trying to make progress on Trump’s tax overhaul which will be just a shadow of what was Promised as the Greatest Tax Overhaul Ever.

President Trump reluctantly moves forward with the Afghanistan War, if he also modifies other Campaign Promises his base may begin to Erode if these changes prove to be harmful to America, and the DC GOP Elites will win again and continue to take America down the road to Obscurity with more Debt, World Government / Bad Trade Deals, Open Borders and eventual Slavery for All Americans.

I’m truly sorry this is happening as I had hoped that President Trump would be able to stand against the One World Government Globalists in DC and Big Business especially the Industrial Military Complex.

I do believe President Trump would have changed the Direction of the U. S. had he stuck to his original plan, and our political enemies are smelling blood in the water and like the blood sucking leeches they are will take full political advantage of it.

Contact President Trump and let him know we are The People Not Them ( The White House: 202-456-1111 Comments • 202-456-1414 Switchboard ).

President Trump has made some definite changes and deserves all of us to give him the time to work them out, however we to must be True to Our Issues and be sure to let him know our concerns, as when a RINO like Graham and I’m certain others like him agree with President Trump’s changes we know something is up.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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Socialist Democrats Rewriting History!

America get the FACTS of History before the Socialist Democrats destroy their true history of Bigotry and Hate.
AZ don’t forget the President is coming to Phoenix on 8/22/17, doors open at 4 pm.
God Bless You All;Clair VAN Steenwyk

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Call President Trump Now!

I hope you’ll pass this on and call the White House as well: ( 202-456-1111 Comments • 202-456-1414 Switchboard )asking President Trump to Pardon our long time Sheriff for Enforcing Our Laws not Political Policies as we’re observing taking place across the country the last few weeks with the tearing down of monuments to History, this behavior and Police allowing it is what We all need to Fear, if Police will quietly stand down while laws are being broken then we’re on our way to a True Rebellion and looks like the Anarchists / Socialists are winning and yes this includes those in the GOP who take the sides of the Socialists with their Votes & Voices against the Policies and President we Voted For. If you don’t contact the President today then go to the Rally and tell / President Donald Trump will hold a rally at 7 pm., Tues., Aug 22 at the Convention Center, 100 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, AZ 85004. Get your tickets here ( Doors open at 4 pm. Limit personal items and arrive early to expedite entrance into the venue.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk /

Political Knives Out 4 Trump!

President Trumps’ Political Enemies are out in Full Force on both sides of the Aisle,Press, Bureaucrats, Lobbyist and GOP Elites as they raise questions about his comments on the Murder in Charlottesville, Va. taken out of context, and realize that it’s more than Charlottesville, Va., that’s simply the vehicle they’re using to push President Trump into making concessions on many issues.

President Trump is being attacked from in and outside the White House by so called Allies and Enemies within the GOP, we expect and even depend on the Socialist Democrats to attack the President, however most are surprised when so called Republicans join in the mix.

The attacks by Trump’s GOP opponents such as Graham, McCain , Rubio, Flake all Gang of Eight Pro Amnesty / Dreamers is to be expected as they do represent the RINO Liberal side of the GOP and always have.  The problem is that others inside the White House are as well with less than enthusiastic comments and even to the point of making it sound like President Trump was wrong in not only what he said but how he said it and some so called Talk Shows especially on Fox are doing the same.

It’s a sad day when you hear what some have considered to be conservatives being so blatant in the remarks they make about President Trump, however his comments gave them just the opportunity all of them have been waiting for to finish him off at least from the point of having any Political Power to get the Congress to do anything and now with more conservatives ( Bannon )  being asked to leave the White House Staff leaves room for his Liberal daughter & son in law, as well as other more Moderate to Liberal Cabinet & Staff to have more say in just how our government is run, after all We didn’t VOTE for any of Them did We?

We had High Hopes which are beginning to end in the usual despair of Politics as Usual and We the People won’t come out on the Top of this but once again be left with more empty promises when it comes to Border, Illegals, Dreamers, and yes even Freedom in the long run.

The Real Fault for all of these troubles is the Voters who didn’t listen to the Base of the Message about the Incumbents being to blame for the Slide of the U. S. into a 3rd World Socialist Debtor Nation as they voted almost 100% of them back in office to Block America’s Becoming not just Great again but FREE AGAIN!

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God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk




Should Sen. McCain Pick his Replacement? NO!

 Some of my thoughts & a remedy on Sen. McCain naming his own replacement:  It’s  just like Sen. McCain to continue control of AZ Politics for the next few decades, this Old Bait & Switch with Grant Woods is Classic McCain, this can’t and shouldn’t be allowed by AZ Citizens. . Choosing your successor and then at election time putting your money & GOP Machine behind the person you really want to have your large Black Book on all the Politicians — for continued control of them, for as we all know it’s not his pleasing personality that they line up in lock step behind.

AZ Vacancies Filled by Gubernatorial Appointment

Presently, 36 States including AZ — fill a US Senate Vacancy at their next regularly-scheduled general election, AZ’s being in 2018.

In those 36 States, the Governor makes an appointment to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy, and the appointee serves until the next regularly-scheduled, statewide general election.  The person elected at that next election serves for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any.  If the term was set to expire at that general election, the person elected serves a full six-year term.

Here’s a real solution which would fit into the Appointment Process taking the Pressure off the Gov. Ducey, who’s also up for Re Election in 2018 and don’t believe Ducey needs to Anger Voters by following Sen. McCain’s Choice by leaving the Voters out of the process, as AZ’s Gov. Doug Ducey would love the job but  won’t appoint himself to it, angering Sen. McCain by not following his direction.

I suggest putting all those who’ve been on the ballot in the last three election cycles in at least Two Statewide Televised Candidate Forums / Debates and then let the Voters pick having the top in a Legitimate Election Polls & Mail in Vote well Monitored; the People would then exercise their Right to decide whom they want to serve out Sen. McCain’s term, which would mean putting JD Hayworth, J. Deakin, W. Cardon, B. Hackbarth, K. Ward, A. Meluskey, and  myself, this would also take the control to some degree away from the Political Machines by following Sen. McCain’s Choice by leaving the Voters out of the process, Angering Voters which may cost Ducey in 2018 elections as well.

I believe this to be the honest approach to fill out Sen. McCain’s term. This may also get Jeff DeWit to announce and begin his campaign to run against Sen. Flake  – who many want to see replaced.  If the usual method is used then  the GOP Elites make the peoples decision and not us.

The AZ Senate & House Seats belong to the People of the State of AZ and not those who happen to occupy them. For an office holder to think they have some special right to name their successor is totally unacceptable; after all elections determine who holds the office not the office holder ordaining their replacement.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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President Trump / Deport Criminal Illegals by Definition

President Elect Trump; You stated that you’d Deport All Criminal Aliens, please take a look at the Definition of Criminal and the apply it to those in the US Illegally, as the definition of the word Criminal applies to them.Criminal:

A Person who’s Committed a Crime. Symonyms: Lawbreaker, Offender, Delinquent, Malefactor, Wrongdoer, Burglar.lleɡal: Contrary to or Forbidden by Law.

Synonyms: Unlawful, Illicit, (Illegitimate, Unlicensed, Unauthorized), Unsanctioned, Forbidden, Prohibited.

To President Elect Trump and Staff plus all the GOP Elite Swamp Managers please note the above definitions before you make an inside deal with each other once again Violating Our Laws and Trust.

President Elect Trump don’t make a Political Deal to Pardon Illegals, Clinton and others then you are now Part of the Swamp not someone who can be trusted to Drain & Clean It.  We ask you to Keep the Campaign Promises that Launched the Movement and got you Elected, in case you don’t remember what they were just go back and watch the Videos on Social Media and remember once again the Definition of CRIMINAL as it fits All Illegals within Our Borders and Must be Enforced or You’re No Different than those you Ran Against.

My Father Taught me as a young boy Your Word is Your Bond, we hope this lesson is True for President Elect Trump as Well.

Remember Justice is Blind not Politically Motivated, you’ll be taking an Oath on Jan 20th to Protect & Defend the US Constitution the BIGGEST DEAL OF YOUR LIFE, KEEP IT.      


In Closing: Election Cycles are Critical Our Nation, whether we sink deep into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choices are clear, we must never support anyone that votes against or compromises the US Constitution and Our Freedoms and believe that’s what most of us believe in and hope for, and the GOP Elite Power Brokers are Afraid of: ( Time to Drain All Political Swamps)…

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk


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GOP Tax Reform 4 Big Business Not US!


Tax Reform will succeed where Repeal Obamacare Failed because Big Business wants it and will get what they want as they always do from the politicians who Serve Them.  The tax reform will be good for business, and along with it you can expect some immigration reform as well that will enable the Big Businesses to continue to import Cheap Labor rather than Hire Americans, and oh yes by the way Pres. Trump won’t be fulfilling his Campaign Promise to Deport Illegals as he now restated his position as to only Deporting Criminal Illegals, and all along I’ve believed it was a Crime to Enter America Illegally just as it’s a Crime to Overstay any type of Visa but then even Pres. Trump wants to be re elected. Deporting All Illegals would be the best TAX REFORM we could ever hope for as it would level the Work Force and cause the Unemployment to go Down and Wages to go up and since We Pay Taxes on Our Income which most Illegals don’t the Government would get  Increase Tax Revenues even at a Lower Rate and another By Product would also be Less CRIME.

The GOP won’t Support a Deportation System to Deport all Illegals no matter the reason as they don’t want to lose their jobs nor do most even believe we should have Secure Borders as proven by the Gang of Eight and all in GOP who actually support them as well, and oh yes we’ll continue to import cheap labor which will prevent Americans from getting starter jobs, but then what do you expect from the GOP? Big Business wants Illegals in the US to keep wages down and have control over excessive profits, not to mention the fear factor they maintain by controlling illegals employed by them, this is just one more of many reasons to Vote Out All Incumbents.

I realize some of my statements may offend some, however they are True and all anyone has to do is look at the FACTS and then find proof that disagrees with FACTS and so far I haven’t found any and don’t believe those reading this will as well, I hope all will pass it on and actually start working to Restore Our Republic by Removing All the Incumbents from office at any level.

Radio Show Live or Later, Wed. 8/16/17 @ 3 pm Link:

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

GOP Replaces Repeal & Replace with Repair & Repackage Obamacare!

I’m hoping by now many have come to see that the GOP really doesn’t want to End the Socialist Healthcare programs set in place by our Socialist Elected Senators & Representatives which gives all of them and their Money Supporters control over All Americans.

The real problem is that the Federal Government only does the Bidding of the FAT CATS and not for the American Citizen and for the 1st time this is truly being exposed by the Lack Luster attempt to Repeal Obamacare by the GOP who has Sold its’ Soul to the Highest Bidders not unlike the Democrats, they’re actually one in the same Party, and remember you didn’t see any National Ads to Repeal Obamacare by Big GOP PACS.

Healthcare Reform failed and now the GOP will start working with Socialist Democrats & Republicans to fix the system making what they call Compromises to protect the American Public, when the Truth of the matter is their only concerned with the 2018 election cycle and also want control of more the the Economy and Lives of all of US, so don’t be surprised when you see the GOP come up with a New Proposal to Repair the Healthcare system giving Care to All who are in need and use this as the Excuse to Stick it to All of US One More Time moving us Farther into a Socialist Nation without a SHOT being FIRED.

The  GOP won’t Support a Deportation System to Deport all Illegals no matter the reason as they don’t want to lose their jobs nor do most even believe we should have Secure Borders as proven by the Gang of Eight and all in GOP who actually support them as well, and oh yes we’ll continue to import cheap labor which will prevent Americans from getting starter jobs, but then what do you expect from the GOP?

I realize some of my statements may offend some, however they are True and all anyone has to do is look at the FACTS and then find proof that disagrees with FACTS and so far I haven’t found any and don’t believe those reading this will as well, I hope all will pass it on and actually start working to Restore Our Republic by Removing All the Incumbents from office at any level.

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God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Why Did Skinny Healthcare Repeal Really Fail?

There are several reasons repealing Obama Care failed and none of them will inspire most Americans to have any Respect for those in Office, Big Business, Lobbyists, and in General Groups who generally support so called Conservative Issues.

I’ve known over the years and am certain most Voters will come to realize that most times there are reasons for all the Ads in favor or opposed to certain issues spending Millions on trying to influence the Public to contact their Representatives in DC to Vote for or against Legislation from 2nd Amendment to Solar etc., however on this Skinny Repeal Bill, I didn’t see any so called Conservative Groups running a National Ad Campaign to Repeal Obamacare but did see some local Ads asking us to contact McCain or McFlake to Vote Against Repeal of the Bill.

I believe the reasons Big Business and the So Called Conservative Groups ran No Ads is they didn’t want Obama Care Repealed but left it in tact and thereby continue to Subsidize Ins. Cos. as well as increase the Price of their Stocks much of which is held by some of the most Influential People in America, and they don’t want the Golden Calf slain, this also includes those at the Head of these Ins. Cos. as they get stock options worth millions and if you think about it Wall St. is making a Fortune off the Rise in Values of most of the Ins. Cos. that are making high profits along with Stocks rising.  E. Emanuel on Fox News says we now need an Auto Enroll in Obama Care and some in GOP agree with him, I believe if the GOP amends Obamacare then we’ll be a Socialist Nation as both Parties will be out of the Dark and in Total Control of Healthcare along with Medicare, Social Security,Medicaid, Welfare etc. and the American Dream of FREEDOM is DEAD.

I also believe there was a reason Clinton got so much support from Wall St. and it’s really quite simple they want a Single Payer system thereby this would bring an end to Group Ins. Plans for workers which is a Cost to the Businesses and the monies they’d save would just increase their Profits & of course the Price of their Stocks, this is the foundation for why most in the Elite GOP didn’t want to Vote to Repeal and the 3 GOP US Senators Voted against the Repeal of the Bill. 

I hope more Americans will come to Realize that the only people in America being served by Congress are the Rich & Powerful and yes every once in awhile they throw us a bone only to keep us from Voting all the Incumvents Out of Office, I’m hoping this will enable some to Vote them Out in the 2018 Election Cycle before we all End Up with Socialized Medicine and Death Panels.

The Issue for All is quite simple either We the People Stand Up and Take Back Our Country from the Fat Cat Corporations, Lobbyists, Public Officials and thereby Regain Our Liberty or we all continue believing the lies leading us down the Road to Total Socialism spread by those in Office at All Levels.

Time to Make a Decision for the Future of All Americans Now!

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk